Markets Served: Coatings, Sealants & Adhesives

Coatings project a wide range of materials from ordinary paint to highly sophisticated urethane systems used to protect metal structures such as bridges, airplanes, and ships. Coating manufacturers used VanDeMark chemicals to make their products more stable, last longer, and perform better. Modern coatings can often be applied over corroded surfaces.

Sealants form barriers while adhesives bond substances to protect against moisture, air, or chemicals. There are many highly technical uses of VanDeMark products in the production of automobiles and airplanes as well as in the construction of skyscrapers where building materials are bonded to the structural steel.

Listed below are typical chemicals used in the production of coatings, sealants and adhesives. Our proprietary PTSI is commonly used as a moisture scavenger in the production of urethane-based coatings, sealants, and adhesives. Click to download a copy of our PTSI for Urethane Applications product bulletin.

We can also provide custom phosgenation services to develop chemicals to meet your proprietary requirements.

Acid ChloridesCAS NumberShort NameTDSSDS
Acryloyl chloride814-68-6ACCLDownloadDownload
Methacryloyl chloride920-46-7MACLDownloadDownload
IsocyanatesCAS NumberShort NameTDSSDS
para-Toluenesulfonyl isocyanate 4083-64-1PTSIDownloadDownload
Other Phosgene ProductsCAS NumberShort NameTDSSDS
Propargyl n-butylcarbamate76114-73-3PNBCDownloadDownload