Plant Scale Production for Custom Phosgenations and Batch Specialty Chemicals

VanDeMark has a proven record of meeting the special needs of major pharmaceutical, agrochemical, and chemical manufacturers on a contract-manufacturing basis. VanDeMark’s strengths include:

  • Adherence to start-up schedules.
  • Understanding customer goals and quality standards.
  • Availability of modern, sophisticated facilities and equipment.
  • Technically proficient and service-oriented personnel.
  • Efficient and safe production.
  • Proper and compliant treatment of waste.
  • Strict confidentiality for the protection of critical intellectual property.
Production Scale Capabilities:
  • Glass-lined Reactors 1.6 to 12m3 volume
  • Continuous Flow Reactor / Liquid-Liquid Extractor – 100 kg/min, Hastelloy
  • Batch and Continuous reactors
  • Ability to handle both liquid and solids
  • 5m3 Stainless Steel Filter Dryer
  • Centrifuges: 48″ X 30″ Hastelloy
  • Vacuum Tray Dryer
  • Precipitator 4.5m3, 316 SS
  • Distillation Systems: High-Temp (up to 300˚C)/High-Vacuum (20 mm Hg to 90 psig)
  • Stainless Steel and Glass-lined Storage up to 100m3
  • Multiple final product packaging sizes
  • Multiple cold storage facilities
  • Graphite & Hastelloy Condensing Systems
  • Possible processing conditions include temperatures from -40˚C to 300˚C and pressures from 1.0 mm Hg vacuum to 100 psig
  • Nitrogen Padded Equipment (dry and zero Oxygen)
  • Reactor Solids Conveyance System for raw materials