Framochem Multiplies the Company’s Phosgene Expertise

Framochem Kft., was founded in 1993 as a joint venture between the French Groupe SNPE and Hungarian BorsodChemZrt. SNPE became the sole owner in 2000, and ownership of Framochem was transferred to Isochem SAS, the former fine chemicals branch of SNPE (which was acquired by the German Aurelius Group in 2010). In 2014, Framochem and its German sales unit were acquired by VanDeMark Chemical, Inc.

Located in Kazincbarcika, Hungary, Framochem’s chemical manufacturing activity is based on its phosgene production. The facility comprises six separate multi-purpose production lines. Different equipment volume capability allows Framochem to be flexible in terms of product quantities and in meeting unique customer needs.

Framochem has lengthy and extensive experience in the application of in-batch and continuous phosgene processes, both on laboratory and industrial scales. The production lines enable the organization to add new materials easily to the existing product families.

Framochem applies a combination of technical expertise, extensive business experience, and highly-trained personnel to provide quality products and service to customers in a safe and successful manner.