Major Applications for VanDeMark Products – Polymers

Listed below are typical chemicals used in the production of polymers by VanDeMark customers for use in their processes and products. We can also provide custom phosgenation services to develop chemicals to meet your proprietary requirements.

Acid ChloridesCAS NumberShort Name TDSSDS
Acryloyl chloride814-68-6 ACCLDownloadDownload
4-Chloro-butyryl chloride4635-59-0 4CBCLDownloadDownload
Methacryloyl chloride920-46-7 MACLDownloadDownload
CarbonatesCAS NumberShort Name TDSSDS
Diethyl carbonate 105-58-8DECDownloadDownload
ChloroformatesCAS NumberShort Name TDSSDS
sec-Butyl chloroformate 17462-58-7 SBCFDownloadDownload
4-t-Butyl cyclohexyl chloroformate 42125-46-2PTBCCFDownloadDownload
2-Ethylhexyl chloroformate 24468-13-12EHCFDownloadDownload
Isobutyl chloroformate543-27-1IBCFDownloadDownload
Isopropyl chloroformate108-23-6IPCFDownloadDownload