Markets Served: Plastics

Polymers are critical to the production of key raw materials used in the manufacture of many common plastics. VanDeMark products are used to make monomers from basic chemicals such as benzene, as catalysts to form polymers from monomers, and as additives to enhance the performance of polymers.

Listed below are typical chemicals used in the processing of plastics. We can also provide custom phosgenation services to develop chemicals to meet your proprietary requirements.

Acid ChloridesCAS NumberShort Name TDSMSDS
Acryloyl chloride814-68-6 ACCLDownloadDownload
Methacryloyl chloride920-46-7 MACLContact UsContact Us
CarbonatesCAS NumberShort Name TDSMSDS
Diethyl carbonate 105-58-8DECDownloadDownload
ChloroformatesCAS NumberShort Name TDSMSDS
Diethylene glycol bis chloroformate 106-75-2DEGCFDownloadDownload
Isopropyl chloroformate108-23-6IPCFDownloadDownload
Other Phosgene ProductsCAS NumberShort Name TDSMSDS
Hexaethylguanidinium chloride69082-76-4HEGClContact UsDownload
Phosgene (USA/Canada only)75-44-5CBCContact UsDownload