Markets Served: Nutrition

Listed below are typical chemicals used in the production of nutritional products and supplements. We can also provide custom phosgenation services to develop chemicals to meet your proprietary requirements.

Acid ChloridesCAS NumberShort Name TDSSDS
Acryloyl chloride814-68-6 ACCLDownloadDownload
n-Butyryl chloride141-75-3BUCLDownloadDownload
ChloroformatesCAS NumberShort Name TDSSDS
Benzyl chloroformate 501-53-1BZCFDownloadDownload
Ethyl chloroformate 541-41-3ECFDownloadDownload
Methyl chloroformate 79-22-1 MCFDownloadDownload
Other Phosgene ProductsCAS NumberShort Name TDSSDS
Phosgene (USA/Canada only)75-44-5CBCContact UsDownload